More than 325 million euros: these are the annual costs incurred by Dutch retailers as a result of shoplifting, fraud and sabotage. TOP Beveiliging can reduce this without negatively affecting people’s shopping experience.

In addition to the usual security and surveillance activities, fire prevention, the inspection of escape routes, first aid and emergency response are also among our services. We can even take care of reporting incidents. Our very high score at the national level in terms of arrests and transfers of suspects to the police is proof that this approach works.

Professional security staff
Our qualified security staff has been screened and selected based on their knowledge of store security. They guarantee a discreet but thorough approach combined with tremendous courage. A neat and tidy appearance ensures a level of representativeness accompanied with a supportive and friendly attitude towards you and the customers. Our employees can therefore also act as host or hostess. However, they never lose sight of their main objective: the guaranteeing of a pleasant and safe shopping environment. We provide store surveillance throughout the Netherlands.