Professional employees

Exceptional knowledge, expertise and experience: that is what you can expect from TOP Beveiliging. We work with a carefully composed team that has an optimal balance between skilled all-rounders and specialists. This enables us to carry out even the most varied assignments for you. Our professionals are already proven in their field. Moreover, they are representative and honest and understand better than anyone that safety and security speaks for itself.

Quality marks

We believe it is important to do what we promise: to deliver reliable services. The quality marks and certificates that we have obtained give you, as a customer, that extra certainty. We are currently in possession of:

TOP Beveiliging recognition Globalsecuralliance
TOP Beveiliging recognition Keurmerk Beveiliging
TOP Beveiliging recognition ISO 9001
TOP Beveiliging recognition Stichting Normering Arbeid
TOP Beveiliging recognition VEB erkend beveiligingsbedrijf
TOP Beveiliging recognition MVO wijzer erkend bedrijf

Security quality mark and VEB quality mark

For security organisations that perform security work for clients. Security work is understood to mean monitoring the safety of people and goods or guarding against any disruption of the peace or good order on land and in buildings.

The Dutch Security Industry

The Dutch Security Industry represents the market for private security, criminal investigation and money and value transport. Members of the sector together account for more than 90% of the total turnover (1.48 billion euros). The companies involved offer innovative services aimed at increasing safety and security in the Netherlands.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is a commonly accepted and internationally recognised standard in the field of quality management in almost every sector. ISO 9001 is published by the International Standardization Organization (ISO), established through collaboration between organisations worldwide and applied in countless companies.

SNA quality mark

The SNA quality mark is the quality mark for working with self-employed or hired-in employees and has been designed to reduce the risks of hirers of work and clients of work. Companies with the SNA quality mark are periodically checked for their commitments arising from work, which reduces the risk for the hirer and outsourcer of work.

Global Secur Alliance

The Global Securalliance Group consists of security companies from more than 21 countries that are aiming to cooperate internationally cooperation. They deliver tailor-made, professional solutions throughout Europe and beyond. The members of the Global Securalliance Group offer its customers the best security services available on the market. Every company of the Global Securalliance Group follows the daily quality control process imposed by the certification requirements for representing Global Securalliance Group insurance guarantees. Global Securalliance Group is committed to providing fully transparent information to their customers about their respect for regulations.

Approved training company

TOP Beveiliging is a training company recognised by the Ministry of Justice. Through the continuous development of our people, we can guarantee that the professionals of TOP Beveiliging meet the highest demands in all areas. The same applies to the material that we use. In addition, as a recognised training company, we are always aware of the latest developments in the field of safety, security and surveillance. In short, TOP Beveiliging leaves nothing to chance.