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TOP Safe Solutions BV has commercialised a hardware component in the form of a safety wristband or bracelet, the "Hero", and a software component in the form of a smartphone application, the "Hero App". With the Hero and the Hero App, users can send an urgent warning to a predefined list of contacts at the touch of a button. Contact persons can be family members, acquaintances or friends, but also a professional emergency room with associated professional follow-up in the form of a security officer.

The Hero
A safety wristband that allows you to send a warning, in emergency situations, to a predefined list of contacts. The safety level and safety network can be compiled as a user or an organisation.

The Hero App
An application on your mobile phone to which the warnings are sent in the event of an emergency. The application indicates who needs help and where the person is located. As soon as a warning is given, a recording starts so that the receiver of the warning can listen to exactly what the emergency situation is that is taking place.