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Whatever assignment we are given, we always ensure professionalism, flexibility, continuity, and quality.


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Strong and loyal

Extraordinary knowledge, skills and experience. We promise to provide a reliable service at all times.

Qualitative and flexible

We are representative and honest and understand like no other that safety is self-evident.

Reliable and tailor-made

Carefully composed team with an optimal balance between skilled all-rounders and specialists


TOP Beveiliging offers a wide range of services in the field of security and surveillance: from store surveillance to event security, and from front desk services to property security.

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Alarm follow-up

You will no longer be harassed in the evening/night, we will take care of everything and send you an e-mail afterwards with the details of the alarm.

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Construction site security

We secure your construction project or location day and night. From access control during the day to permanent surveillance at night.

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Whatever type of event it is, it is extremely important that safety and order are guaranteed for both organization and visitors.

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Mobile surveillance

Whatever the property, TOP Beveiliging takes care of the entire surveillance of properties nationwide.

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Collective mobile surveillance

By joining TOP Beveiliging as a collective, one security company is working on your business park, making communication easier.

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Property monitoring

Whatever the property, TOP Beveiliging takes care of the entire surveillance of properties nationwide.

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Reception services

With TOP Beveiliging you have a grip on things. From visitors and staff or receiving and forwarding visitors, transporters and contractors, we ensure that this is done correctly.

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Recreation security

TOP Beveiliging ensures that nuisance and an unpleasant or unsafe feeling are kept to a minimum. The result: an optimal atmosphere for both your guests and yourself.

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Store surveillance

In addition to the usual security and surveillance activities, fire prevention, control of escape routes, first aid and emergency response are among our options.

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Customized security

In addition to all the services you will find on our website, we can also provide a monitoring or security program specially tailored to you.

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